Exhibit Archive 001

self-portrait (studio)
July, 2003

The first exhibit at JEMA was the work of Jesse Paul Miller. Jesse is a Seattle artist that currently resides across the street from the Seattle Art Museum. His exhibition entitled self portrait (studio) marked the Grand Opening of JEMA.

Below you can find a link to Jesse Miller’s artist statement. In his statement Jesse Miller (no relation to Sean Miller) mentions that he moved into a loft once occupied by Sean Miller. That space is also part of the subject of Jesse Miller’s exhibition at JEMA.

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The John Erickson Museum of Art Grand Opening

JEMA was officially introduced in March of 2003 at the Museum as Archive, Archive as Museum Symposium held at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art in Gainesville, Florida. JEMA was announced as part of Sean Miller’s presentation/performance Museum Grounds: White Lies, Airborne Dust Bunnies and Maintaining the Appropriate Distance.

On July 25th, 2003 at 2:40pm JEMA celebrated its Grand Opening with Jesse Paul Miller’s exhibition self portrait (studio) in the lobby of the Seattle Art Museum. Openings at JEMA are scaled down in duration appropriate to size. The opening lasted two minutes. In attendance were Jay Bryant, Jesse Paul Miller, Sean Miller, Bethany Taylor, Kassidy Blue Miller and several members of the staff and viewing audience of the Seattle Art Museum. The grand opening was a guerilla action and the Seattle Art Museum did not officially sanction this exhibition or activity. This stated, it is also important to mention and thank some Seattle Art Museum employees who lent a hand to prepare JEMA for its grand opening.

Prior to the opening Jesse Paul Miller and Sean Miller met with Phil Stoiber (one of the Seattle Art Museum’s Registrars) and Michael McCafferty (Seattle Art Museum’s Chief Exhibition Designer). Stoiber inspected JEMA and McCafferty installed the exhibition (see Installation Images).

Much of the JEMA Grand Opening was held beneath the Seattle Art Museum’s Sol LeWitt wall drawing (see Opening Images). This drawing was commissioned by SAM and executed in 1998. Jesse Paul Miller and Sean Miller functioned as art workers to create the drawing to LeWitt’s specifications under the direction of LeWitt’s assistant John Hogan. Sean Miller worked for the Seattle Art Museum from 1995-99.

JEMA Curator Sean Miller with artist Jesse Paul Miller at the Grand Opening.